When seeking therapy, research shows that longest and hardest step for many is the very first one.

We all deserve to be heard and seen; that is the aim in our journey together, whether through challenges, laughter or sadness.

Your journey to wellness begins with a sigh of relief

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John Tabone

The creation of this website was driven by a desire for something deeply personal, a digital space that echoes my thoughts and exudes warmth, ensuring that those who seek help feel welcomed from the very outset. Yearning to provide more meaningful support after a psychology degree, I graduated as a counsellor in 2019. I extended my services to numerous NGOs, dedicating my passion to addressing a diverse range of issues, from abuse and ADHD to relationships, couples, and gender and sexuality. The pandemic taught me to adapt to the edges of the therapy room to online therapy. Alongside my therapeutic work, I stand as a vocal advocate for justice and equality. In the battle against gambling addiction, I support local companies, aiding in prevention efforts and supporting those in need of suicide prevention resources. Adding another layer to my journey, I engage in private workshops, guiding individuals and organisations on a myriad of topics. Currently, I’m furthering my education with a second master’s degree in Gestalt psychotherapy, a path I’ve chosen to deepen my expertise and better serve those who seek my assistance.

grief recovery counsellors mosta